Kaksparsh – Simply Soul Touching

The Marathi term ‘Kaksparsh’ refers to a tradition where after the death of a person, a ball of rice is made and fed to a crow. The crow eating this rice ball is considered as the soul of the deceased being satiated. Though the name is focused on the crow touching the rice, but the movie truly ends up stirring the soul.

The Young Girl
Based on per-independence days of India, the movie narrates the life-story of a young adolescent girl Durga, who is later named Uma (Ketaki Mategaonkar), who gets married in her teens and is subject to the nuances and challenges of a marital life. A girl who should have been playing around or going to school is busy cooking food or working on the daily chores at home. To add to her woes, Uma is widowed at a very tender age, thus having to face the dreadful rituals that a widowed woman would have to go through. The rituals include shaving of the tresses and no or little grooming and changes to the eating habits and lifestyle.

The Brother-in-Law
After the passing away of the husband, the only person she can rely on is her brother-in-law Haridada. A brother-in-law who stands for her against barbaric rituals and customs and someone who safeguards her interests and insists on her education. The role is played by Sachin Khedekar and he gives an astounding performance wherein he goes against the society and its norms and supports this young girl at home at all costs.

The Relation
The intricate relationships and emotions have been well portrayed in this film. The pure relation between a Haridada and Uma has been well displayed, wherein the man is faithful to his wife and vows not to eye his younger brother’s wife in any other manner. The movie also displays how a widowed woman has feelings and physical cravings but she has to bottle them up and live a simple life with no emotional cravings or yearning for the materialistic aspects of life.

The Direction
Mahesh Manjrekar definitely stirs up the soul and ends up bringing tears to the eyes through this movie. Though emotionally draining, but the movie highlights an important but a neglected dilemma that lies in the Indian society. He showcases as to how such sexist and tormenting traditions have to be abolished and women need to be empowered with equal rights as a man in order for the society to mature and grow from the blocked spheres of superstition and norms.

The movie is definitely well-directed and amazingly planned. The movie is being played in select theaters of Mumbai with sub-titles and it definitely is a ‘must-watch’; however do not expect to or plan a dinner or a fun evening after this soul-rousing movie.

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